Occupational Health Services 
for NHS Primary Care employees

Our specialised Occupational Health services are tailored to meet the unique needs of NHS primary care and Primary Care Networks across the UK, ensuring the health and wellbeing of healthcare staff.

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At Response, we recognise the importance of maintaining the health and wellbeing of employees within the healthcare sector and recognise that sometimes the health of healthcare providers gets forgotten or lost in providing care for others. Our Occupational Health services are designed to ensure that staff can work safely and effectively while addressing any health issues that may arise in the workplace.

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How do PCN’s benefit from Occupational Health?

Cost Savings through Early Return to Work

Our services facilitate swift return to work by providing timely support and intervention, reducing the financial impact of prolonged staff absences.

Reduced Absence Rates

By addressing health issues proactively and offering tailored support, we help minimise absenteeism, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Rapid Access to Professional Advice

Gain immediate access to expert guidance for both staff and managers, ensuring timely resolution of health-related concerns.

Enhanced Staff Support

Our services provide comprehensive protection, retention, and support for staff dealing with health issues, fostering a healthy and supportive work environment.

Tailored Support and Collaboration

We work closely with managers to understand your PCNs unique needs, offering tailored adjustments and support strategies to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

Improved Retention and Patient Care

By prioritising employee wellbeing, we contribute to improved staff retention rates and ultimately enhance patient care quality.

How we can support your PCN

Our Occupational Health (OH) services encompass a comprehensive range of support for NHS employees, including:

Occupational health physiotherapy

Expert guidance and exercises for musculoskeletal concerns.

Mental health services

Support and guidance for employees facing mental health challenges.

Ergonomics (DSE) assessments

Ensuring optimal ergonomic setups for remote workers

Absence management

Reducing absence rates and facilitating swift return to work.

Occupational health assessments

Expert guidance on general health-related conditions and work-related advice.

Occupational health physician assessments

Assessments for employees who are candidates for ill health retirement.

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Contact our Occupation Health Service Director, Richard Carter, to explore how our Occupational Health Services can promote optimal health, swift return to work, and a positive work environment for your staff.

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