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As a leading healthcare provider, we specialise in delivering exceptional MSK Physiotherapy services nationwide, dedicated to supporting Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

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Our Services

We provide the first point of contact in the healthcare system, acting as the ‘front door’ of the NHS. Our Primary care includes First Contact Practitioner (FCP’s) and MSK Physiotherapy under AQP.

First Contact
Practitioner Services

Our First Contact Practitioner (FCP) services act as a crucial link between patients and the right healthcare professionals. We provide initial assessment, diagnosis, and management for musculoskeletal conditions. Our goal is to make accessing care easier, improve patient outcomes by connecting them with specialists first, reduce the workload on GPs, and minimise unnecessary referrals to specialists in secondary care.

MSK Physiotherapy
under AQP

Through the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme, our MSK physiotherapy services offer specialised treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. Patients gain access to high-quality care from accredited providers, outside of traditional hospital settings. This initiative enhances patient choice, reduces waiting times, and ensures tailored physiotherapy interventions meet individual needs efficiently.

Strategic Collaboration
with PCNs and CCGs

Our close partnerships with Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) exemplify our commitment to a coordinated and integrated approach to healthcare delivery.

Key benefits

Enhanced Patient

By offering advanced First Contact Practitioner services, PCNs can provide patients with quicker access to assessments and interventions, ultimately improving the overall patient experience.

Efficient Referral

Our MSK Physiotherapy services, integrated into the AQP framework, ensure a smooth and efficient referral process for PCNs, facilitating timely and targeted care for patients.


We understand the importance of cost-effective healthcare. Our services not only prioritise patient outcomes but also offer PCNs a financially sustainable solution through our ARRS funding and AQP accreditation.

Hear from the PCN Managers

As a PCN we have been working with response physiotherapy for over 3 years. Their service has been complete, attentive, and well-supported. Simply, working with the Response team has been one of the easiest parts of my role as a PCN CD, and provided a resource to our practice teams and patients that is helpful and valued.

Hussain Gandhi

Clinical Director, Nottingham City East

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patient care with our services

Discover how our tailored services can empower your PCN to deliver exceptional care, streamline processes, and enhance patient outcomes.

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